Workshop Culminates in Bergey Wind Turbine

October 30, 2003 []During the week of October 20th, AWS Scientific of Albany, together with wind installers from various parts of the northeast erected a Bergey 10kW wind turbine on Sunset Terrace, in Troy, New York. This installation was planned by Rensselaer alumnus Jim Adams, now working with AWS Scientific. Adams, working with Rensselaer Energy Conservation Coordinator, Shawn Shaw, has spent the past several months coordinating the project. The site is on the Rensselaer campus and was chosen for a combination of wind resource, proximity to the main campus, and minimal visual impact. The Excel-S turbine sits atop an 80′ tilt-down tower. The tower is raised and lowered via an electric winch so that classes and local groups can easily access the turbine for study. Funding for the project was obtained through New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) through PON 792. In addition, NYSERDA sponsored a workshop for all installers hoping to be listed as eligible to receive NYSERDA finacial incentives. The installation of the Rensselaer turbine was the focal point of this workshop, drawing installers from all over the northeast to participate.
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