Wisconsin Governor Proposes RPS

On August 18, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle (D) recommended a 10 percent statewide renewables portfolio standard as part of a package of environmental bills and executive orders that he is calling “Conserve Wisconsin.”

The Governor also recommends that state government lead the way by purchasing 10 percent of its power from renewable sources by 2006 and 20 percent by 2010. “Our strategy to grow our economy is to invest in our natural strengths – our workers, our schools, and our environment,” Doyle said. “In my budget and as part of Grow Wisconsin, we’ve moved forward with real investments in our workers, and we’ve strengthened and protected our schools. To promote our quality of life and to continue to grow our economy, we must act now to preserve our environment for future generations.” The full agenda includes measures to: protect and conserve the state’s waters; prevent the spread of destructive invasive species; preserve forest land; clean up and revitalize contaminated, blighted urban neighborhoods; promote energy conservation and efficiency; and restore the state’s public intervener to help citizens advocate for continuing environmental protection. “Wisconsin’s natural resources are not just part of our economy or what we do for recreation, they’re a fundamental part of who we are – and we owe it to future generations to be vigilant in our protection of them,” Doyle said. “I don’t think protecting our environment should be a partisan issue, and I’m willing to work with anyone in either party who will roll up their sleeves with me to get this done.” Doyle said that he will use executive orders to make immediate progress on the package, and will work to secure legislation where needed. Information courtesy of the American Wind Energy Association
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