Windfarm Across Borders Buys Three REpower 5M Turbines

Close to the German-Danish border, three REpower 5M wind turbines are contracted for installation at a test field for offshore wind power by REpower Systems AG and Grenzstrom Vindtved GmbH & Co. KG. It is to be the largest windfarm for REpower 5Ms to date.

The concept consists of three wind farms (Westre, Ellhoeft, Lydersholm) that are financed by citizens. 200 limited partners are involved, 30 of them of Danish nationality. This marks the first time that citizens of three communities and two states have established one corporation. The project also receives wide support from the German as well as from the Danish side, as it strengthens the border region by creating new jobs and embedding regional added value. The wind turbines have a hub height of 100 meters and the tip-height of the rotor blade amounts to 163 meters. The realization period of the wind farm is planned between the end of 2007 and autumn 2008. In a separate development, REpower Systems AG is to supply six wind turbines — instead of the four originally planned — for the first offshore wind farm in the German North Sea. Borkum West, which is to be erected in 2008, has 12 wind turbines of the 5-megawatt (MW) class. Designed for research and development in the offshore test area 45 kilometers off the island of Borkum, the German Environment Minister expects subsidies of Euro 50 million [US$63.5 million] over five years, subject to the approval of the EU Commission.


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