Wind Turbines Generate More than Electricity

Orangeville, Ontario [Orangeville Citizen] The 45 turbines of the Melancthon wind farm have added $2.7 million to the previously near-zero value of the township’s industrial tax base, according to CAO/Clerk Denise Holmes. The figure is based on the provincially mandated $40,000 per megawatt of installed capacity, which means that each turbine is arbitrarily fixed at a $60,000 assessment for the turbine itself, the pad, and the access road. … Melancthon is receiving $41,270 in total taxes from the plant. This includes $29,650 for the turbines themselves, $3,840 for buildings, and $8,230 for “roads and miscellaneous.” Amaranth already would receive $6,670 for substation and roads. Dufferin County gets $44,740, and the boards of education get $103,825.


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