Wind Turbines for the Chunnel

Just in case the tunnel under the English Channel connecting mainland France and the UK isn’t novel enough, drivers emerging on the French side will soon be greeted by massive wind turbines generating clean, free renewable electricity.

Montreal, Canada – April 7, 2003 [] Boralex Inc., will make these new windpower investments in the north of France, at Coquelles and Chépy, that will increase the company’s installed capacity for wind energy to 22 MW. Through its French subsidiary Boralex S.A., Boralex Inc. has signed an agreement with the Eurotunnel Group (France-Manche S.A. and The Channel Tunnel Group Limited) with respect to the use of public lands for the construction and operation of a 10 MW wind farm on the site of the Eurotunnel in France which links mainland France with the UK. Boralex S.A. will hold an 80 percent interest in the company that will build and operate the facility’s five wind turbines rated at 2 MW each. The site will be located at the Coquelles Terminal on the French side of the Tunnel. The cost to complete this project is estimated at €11 million (US$11.8 million) and all the electricity generated will be sold to Electricité de France (EDF) in accordance with the government order dated June 8, 2001. The construction of the wind turbines is subject to regulatory approvals. Boralex S.A. has also acquired from Innovent S.A.R.L. an interest of 85 percent in Ferme Eolienne de Chépy S.A.S, located at Chépy in the north of France. This company owns all the rights for the construction and operation of a two-turbine wind facility with a total installed capacity of 4 MW. The investment in this facility is estimated at €5 million (US$5.3 million). Construction of this wind farm will begin in the next few weeks and the facility is expected to begin its commercial operations in September of this year. All the electricity generated will be sold to EDF in accordance with the aforementioned government order dated June 8, 2001. “Our expertise in the construction and the operation of wind farms will continue our development in this area and will create new strategic partnerships with credible and forward-looking companies,” said President and Chief Executive Officer, Jacques Gauthier. “As well, Boralex will increase its presence in wind energy in France, a high-growth sector that falls within the scope of its new regulations for the production of Renewable Energy.” Since November 2002, Boralex operates a 10-turbine wind farm in Avignonet- Lauragais, near Toulouse, France, with an installed capacity of 8 MW. The capacity of this wind farm will be increased to 11.2 MW in the fall of 2003. Boralex owns and operates twelve power stations located in Québec, the United States and France, with an installed capacity of 229 MW, as well as an urban wood processing and recycling center in Montréal. Access: Boralex

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