Wind Turbine With ATS Hybrid Tower

One of the world’s biggest wind turbines with a hybrid tower is being built at the wind test site in Grevenbroich west of Cologne. The tower combines a lower segment consisting of long, narrow pre-cast concrete components made by Advanced Tower Systems (ATS) and an upper segment made of conventional steel elements.

Altogether the turbine will measure 180 meters with hub height at 133 meters. The tower is being installed and will be operated by the ATS Projekt Grevenbroich company, in which juwi Netzwerk GmbH & Co., Mecal Projects GmbH, HB Bau GmbH and Siemens Project Ventures are equal partners. Compared to widespread hub heights of 100 meters, ATS’ system could help turbines yield 20% more energy.

“This innovative tower enables a higher hub height to produce more energy at comparatively low overall cost. It’s also light cargo,” said Frans Brughuis, ATS’ managing director.

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