Wind turbine lease for a long-term income

In order to ensure a steady inflow of funds for years to come, you obviously need to look for an option that promises long-term gains. For this, you may consider opting for a wind turbine lease, and avail full advantage of the renewable revolution. In fact, if you do choose to go with this option, rest assured you will be easily gathering a lot of nuggets, at least for the next 20 years or so. However, before you actually lease your land for a wind turbine, you need to find a renewable company that is willing to offer a steady rental for a long period of time.

Things you need to take care of

Once you get to learn that you’ll be visiting the cashpoint more than often for the next 2 decades, it is likely that the excitement may make you may ignore other important aspects; however, doing so can prevent you from making a well-informed decision. In addition to the income that the turbines will bring with them, you also need to consider the legal costs involved; if the company you are dealing with is willing to cover these costs; then you do not have much to worry about. However, you may need to determine the viability of your land and find out if it qualifies for a wind turbine lease.

Things that can’t be ignored

If you are anticipating a steady income for the next 20 years, it is apparent that you would have to lease your land for the same period of time. Therefore, you must give due consideration to the time frame and must not overlook any upcoming event or activity that may prove to be a deterrent. It is also advisable that you do not ignore the proximity between your land and the nearest residential properties. Moreover, there has to be a distance of at least 100m from buildings and trees; so, if there is an ‘Eel & Pie House’ just next to your land, you may have to look for an alternate.

Things that you should be aware of

If everything seems to be in place, you must take a look at the type of turbine that will be installed on your land before you say “aye” to the offer.  If it suits you fine, you should opt for a Northwind wind turbine as it unarguably one of the most efficient options available in the segment, or else you may use the web to look for an alternate.

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