Wind to Play Large Role in Kyoto Targets

Wind power has the potential to play a major role in nations meeting their Kyoto reduction targets, help create energy independence for developing nations and provide real sustainable growth, according to Greenpeace and the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA).

New Delhi, India – November 1, 2002 [] These assertions are substantiated by “Wind Force 12,” a report produced by Greenpeace and the European Wind Energy Association. According to the report by 2020, wind power can deliver: – 100 percent of the EU’s Kyoto Protocol ratification target from 2008 to 2012 – More than 100 percent of India’s CO2 emissions by 2020 – Cumulative carbon dioxide savings of 11,768 million tons by 2020 – 1,261,000 MW wind energy installed generating 3,093 terrawatt hours (TWh) by 2020 – Annual investment of US$67 billion by 2020 “Global problems need global solutions, and wind power has the industrial capacity to produce clean energy on a scale that would make a significant impact in slowing climate change,” said Corin Millais, CEO of the European Wind Energy Association. “The wind industry internationally is able to provide 12 percent of the world’s future electricity needs by 2020 – even if current consumption doubles. If governments are prepared to put policy changes in place, the wind industry will deliver.” India’s wind industry is growing and it is already the fifth largest market of wind turbines globally and the largest in the developing world, said EWEA. “Despite the disappointing results on Renewable Energy at the World Summit on Sustainable Development, the wind energy production programs from just five countries – Germany, Denmark, Spain, United States and India – are carrying the weight of this massive growth in clean wind energy,” said Steve Sawyer, Greenpeace climate policy director. “Imagine how much more clean energy could be produced and how much more greenhouse gases could be eliminated if other nations pushed for strong wind energy development. The potential is huge and we need governments to actively support clean energy to ensure wind follows this promising path.”
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