Wind Technical Training Center Expands Operations

As an industry grows, so does its need for trained professionals to service its equipment. Such is the case with wind power. In reaction to that increased demand for trained wind power technicians, this week Airstreams Renewables Inc (ARI) announced that it would be expanding its main training facility, located at the Techachapi Wind Corridor, from its current 2500 square feet to 20,000 square feet, an 8-fold increase.

ARI offers safety and technical training courses focused on core skill sets necessary to meet industry standard expectations for both entry-level and advanced construction and service technicians. It owns a 33-acre parcel in Tehachapi on which is plans to construct the new center.  The center will consolidate its operations into one centralized location and help meet the growing demand for trained wind power maintenance and installation professionals.

ARI also announced that it will be expanding its ENSA North America subsidiary across the U.S. and Canada to delpoy additional mobile training facilities.  Wind Power companies can purchase mobile training solutions from ENSA to bring training to their own operations so that employees don’t have to travel to get educated.

According to a press release, ARI is also evaluating east coast sites to potentially construct an additional training facility to complement the Tehachapi renewable energy training center and support the re-training and transition of U.S. military personnel to the renewable energy sector.



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