Wind, Solar Power for Public Education

September 23, 2004 [] University cooperative extensions like to have educational resources on-hand, and the Donohoe Center in Greensburg, Pennsylvania is going for a wind energy teaching experience. The center, which is a part of the Penn State University system, won a variance approval from the local zoning board to put up a 10 kW Bergey turbine on the center’s grounds. The tower will reach 120 feet in the air, and the turbine will be partnered with a 2 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) array to complete the hybrid system. County Extension Director Gary Sheppard said the system should provide about 10 percent of the center’s energy needs, and any unnecessary power feed into the local power grid. The extension hopes to use the turbine as an accessible demonstration of renewable energy, according to Sheppard, and as a learning experience in establishing and utilizing the power source.
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