Wind Projects Lead in Europe

According to new statistics from the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), in 2007 wind capacity grew more in Europe than any other renewable energy technology, an increase driven by Spain. The installed capacity of wind power increased by 18% last year to reach a level of 56,535 megawatts (MW). The total capacity of new wind turbines brought on line across the European Union last year was 8,554 MW, an increase of 935 MW on the 2006 total.

Spain set a new record in 2007, installing 3,522 MW of wind capacity. Ten percent of its electricity now comes from wind. There was also sustained growth in France, which added 888 MW to reach 2,454 MW and Italy, with 603 MW more and a total of 2,726 MW. The new Member States performed well and increased installed capacity by 60%. Of those, Poland was the most successful, reaching a total of 276 MW. The Czech Republic installed 63 MW, its best year ever, and Bulgaria 34 MW.

“It is positive that wind energy is now increasing more than any other power technology in Europe. The market is up by 12% compared to 2006 but if we exclude Spain from the figures, the European market for wind turbines shows a small decline”, said Christian Kjaer, EWEA Chief Executive.

Click the link below for a map of Europe with specific wind installation features for each country. 

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