Wind Power Turbine/Conditioner Partnership

August 22, 2003 [] Under a new arrangement, Magnetek has agreed to provide advanced power conditioners for Clipper Windpower. Magnetek’s power conditioners will transform the fluctuating power produced by the wind turbine generators into the steady flow of alternating current (ac) power required to feed the utility grid. Clipper Windpower designs and manufactures utility-scale wind turbine drivetrain systems utilizing variable speed technology. In a departure from traditional wind turbine design, the D-GEN drivetrain incorporates multiple generators to reduce gearbox size and stress.During the past decade, Magnetek has delivered power conditioners up to 375 kW for more than 160 commercial fuel-cell installations totaling nearly 32 MW, including the world’s two largest fuel cell plants in Anchorage, Alaska, and Long Island, New York.
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