Wind Power Offsets New York Turkey Farm

November 13, 2003 [] There’s usually not a big difference between most brands of Thanksgiving turkeys offered during the holiday season in the U.S. This year however, Plainville, New York-based, Plainville Turkey Farms have purchased enough wind energy green tags from Community Energy to entirely cover the electrical needs of the upstate Turkey farm. This Thanksgiving, customers will see Plainville Farms turkeys with the NewWind Energy logo printed on their packaging. The new labels will appear on six Plainville Turkey products and will feature the NewWind Energy logo of wind energy marketer Community Energy, who is supplying the New York State generated wind power for the Plainville Farms’ purchase. Plainville Turkey Farms is buying 708,000 kWhs of wind energy from New York State wind farms. According to Community Energy, the environmental benefits associated with Plainville Farms’ purchase are equal to not releasing 708,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, 5,430 pounds of sulfur dioxide, and 2,138 pounds of nitrous oxides. These emissions offsets can be compared to planting over 74,000 trees or taking 98 cars off the road each year.
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