Wind Power Keeps the Cows Milked

Sometimes wind is better than gas. Organic food and milk providers Horizon Organic Dairy have bypassed cow power through anaerobic digesters and are going to get their energy from wind energy credits instead.

Beginning in January of 2005, Horizon Organic will purchase enough renewable energy credits to cover the energy needed for their entire product supply chain; from growing organic ingredients, raising and milking organic cattle, and the processing and operating functions in its warehouses. Horizon recently consolidated with soyfoods manufacturer White Wave under the parent company Dean Foods. White Wave became the largest company to purchase wind energy credits for 100 percent of its manufacturing and operations needs in 2003, and the company expanded its wind energy purchase to cover its entire supply chain this year. “This is one of the first actions we are taking as a new (consolidated) company,” said President Steve Demos. “Both brands have been committed to renewable energy and sustainable business practices as core values.” White Wave’s renewable energy purchase will approach 25,000 MWh in 2004, an equivalent to taking 3,039 cars off the road. By applying wind energy credits for each of the brand’s supply chains the companies hope to significantly increase the percentage of wind power in the national grid. While the nation’s power grid is fueled with many different types of energy, coal, gas and nuclear energy are the primary sources. Currently, less than 2 percent of the energy offered to electricity users comes from renewable sources such as wind or solar power, according to the EPA. “Our goal is to lead the industry in environmental stewardship as we conduct business in a way that sustains and improves our environment. Both Horizon Organic and White Wave have always conducted business that way, and together we can make an even greater impact,” Demos said.
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