Wind Power Green Tags Headed to Montana

The Bonneville Environmental Foundation and Northwestern Energy have announced that BEF will supply Green Tags (also known as Tradable Renewable Energy Credits) to NorthWestern Energy for resale to residential and business customers in Montana. Under terms of the agreement, BEF will provide NorthWestern Energy with green certificates from wind facilities located in the Washington, Oregon and Wyoming.

Portland, Oregon – June 26, 2003 [] “NorthWestern Energy becomes the seventh utility in the region to offer BEF Green Tags to their retail customers,” noted BEF President, Angus Duncan. “It’s because BEF gives those customers an immediate opportunity to support green power more new wind, solar and other renewables in the ground generating clean power.” “We selected BEF as the source of Green Tags for our E+ GREEN program because of their experience in providing Green Tags that fit with the renewable energy perspectives of the region. The certified product they provide for us to offer through E+ GREEN come primarily from new wind and solar projects in Wyoming, and the Pacific Northwest,” stated Pat Corcoran, vice president of regulatory affairs for NorthWestern Energy. “We’re also pleased that BEF has committed to investing in new renewable energy projects in Montana in the future.” BEF has marketed green power in Montana since 1999, and committed to its first foundation project there a grant to support acquisition of critical watershed property in Rock Creek, south of Missoula – in 2000. Three other Montana watersheds have benefited from BEF funding Bozeman Creek, Stoner Creek and the Big Hole River Valley, where a BEF grant supported a solar-powered off-stream stock-watering project. “Our commitment to Montana will grow stronger,” said Duncan. “BEF is actively seeking new solar and wind projects in Montana from which we can deliver locally-sourced Green Tags to NorthWestern Energy customers.” As a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit organization, all of BEF’s net revenues from its Green Tags sales are reinvested into building additional renewable energy resources throughout the Northwest. Along with supporting utility-scale wind energy, an additional 150 kW of electricity from new solar resources has been installed by BEF and its partners. Recent solar projects include Portland¹s Brewery Blocks, West Salem High School and the region¹s largest solar installation on the site of the former Hanford nuclear reservation. Together with its watershed program, BEF has committed over one million dollars to environmental projects across the Pacific Northwest.
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