Wind Power Goes Vertical in Quebec

Research and development for vertical axis wind turbines has found a Canadian home at the University of Quebec Abitibi-Temiscamingue (UQAT) in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. McKenzie Bay International signed an agreement with the university for the installation of a full WindStor System, including a Dermond Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (DWT) that will function as a combined research and development facility, and demonstration installation for off-grid, remote access locations. The turbine should be on-line by the end of the month.

Brighton, Michigan – July 15, 2004 [] “As a multi-purpose installation, it (the WindStor system) will provide several benefits to all parties concerned,” Gary Westerholm, who is the President of McKenzie Bay, said. WindStor components include a 100 kW ground mounted DWT equipped with an ABB generator, a Sumitomo Drive Technologies gearbox, a Valence Technology K-Charge battery, a system integrator and turbine controller developed by Envitech, and a diesel generator. Siemens Westinghouse will review the maintainability of the WindStor System throughout the assembly, installation and commissioning. “This agreement represents a great opportunity for UQAT to participate in the advancement of an exciting new industry for electricity generation,” UQAT Rector Johanne Jean said. “Work programs involving researchers, teachers, and UQAT personnel will provide a meaningful, hands-on, learning experience to those students pursuing careers in this new industry.” The agreement calls for integration of UQAT’s engineering department with Dermond professionals to participate in the evaluation, analysis and research of the system for testing and identification of future improvements. UQAT representatives have expertise in education and research in the field of applied sciences. The Quebec government helped to fund the project through grants to the university. The university’s campus is an ideal location for research of the DMT because of the weather climate and the academic climate, according to Rich Kaiser, who is the head of investor relations at McKenzie Bay. The vertical blade shouldn’t get ice buildup during the winters, and having a team of university researchers on site should give the system a thorough testing. “You get an intellectual mindset there that says, ‘Hey, maybe we can make this better,'” Kaiser said. WindStor is a “Green Energy” electricity management system that provides customers with electricity at fixed, long-term, rates by generating electricity at the customer’s location with a Dermond Wind Turbine and storing excess electricity in a battery for distribution in peak demand periods with a proprietary system integrator.
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