Wind Power Firm Recruits Executive

Greenwind Power Corp. has named Guy Painchaud to the company’s Board of Directors…

Vancouver, Canada – October 22, 2002 [] Greenwind Power Corp. has named Guy Painchaud to the company’s Board of Directors. Company president Glenn Collick said, “We are delighted that a person with Guy’s experience has joined with us to develop environmentally responsible energy solutions.” Guy Painchaud is President and CEO of GPCo. an engineering consulting firm in Canada specializing in Renewable Energy, with a particular emphasis on wind power. As president of CanWEA, (Canadian Wind Energy Association), Painchaud is recognized in Canada and around the world as an expert and industry leader in wind energy and development in Canada, according to the company. Painchaud was extensively involved in the development of le Nordais – a 100 MW wind farm located in the Gaspe region of Quebec, according to Greenwind. Le Nordais is Canada’s largest wind farm. Painchaud co-authored and created as lead consultant the wind version of the RETScreen Renewable Energy project evaluation software tool. With over 25,000 users worldwide, RETScreen is one of the leading software tools used to evaluate the technical, environmental and financial performance and feasibility of a variety of Renewable Energy and energy efficiency projects in the world, said Greenwind. Painchaud’s expertise will help Greenwind achieve its goal of providing Wind Energy Solutions to the problems of high energy costs and the increasing problem of greenhouse gas emissions in isolated non-grid and grid connected locations, said Greenwind. Greenwind Power Corp. is a newly formed company. Its directors have experience in wind turbine and diesel electric power generation. Greenwind Power Corp’s primary objective is providing solutions to the problem of high-energy costs incurred by communities and industry as well as reducinggreen house gas emissions, said the company. They install hybrid systems that combine wind turbines, electrical storage systems (where cost-effective) and existing diesel generators. The company is researching the feasibility of larger scale hybrid systems that would be economical for other applications including grid-connected sites.
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