Wind Power Expands in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Power has agreed to buy power from an additional three turbines that Renewable Energy Services Limited (RESL) will install this fall. RESL already operates four wind turbines in the province of Nova Scotia, including Goodwood HRM, and construction is underway at a site in Digby.

“We are very pleased that with this agreement, our current energy from wind will be increased by another 2 megawatts of capacity. That’s good news for our customers, the environment and our province,” said Ralph Tedesco, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Power. “RESL has a proven track record as a successful wind developer, and already has 4.4 megawatts of capacity installed or being finalized in the province.” It is expected that the turbines will be online by year-end. Nova Scotia Power expects that 70 megawatts (MW) of wind power will be supplying electricity to customers by the end of 2006. “I am very pleased to see the expansion of wind power in Nova Scotia, and it’s quality companies such as RESL that are helping the province meet its targets regarding renewable energy,” said Bill Dooks, Minister of Energy for Province of Nova Scotia. “We have fulfilled our original agreement with Nova Scotia Power, but are fortunate to have three more turbines available to us,” said Dale Robertson, Chairman of RESL. “Many wind developers are on waiting lists for turbines, and the wait can sometimes be as long as 12-24 months. This agreement benefits both RESL and Nova Scotia Power, as well as the citizens of the province.” RESL, a vertically integrated renewable energy company founded in 2000, is committed to the development of clean and cost-efficient renewable energy resources in Nova Scotia and across Canada.
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