Wind Power Developer Shifts Project Focus

Washington State’s Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) has granted a request by Kittitas County and Zilkha Renewable Energy to postpone for up to six months EFSEC’s hearings on the Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project.

Olympia, Washington – September 27, 2004 [] EFSEC had scheduled hearings to start September 27 in Ellensburg. Kittitas County and the project proponent Zilkha said that their mutual request was made so they could concentrate their efforts on the Wild Horse Wind Power Project located in eastern Kittitas County, also proposed by Zilkha. This change in concentration is due to Puget Sound Energy’s announcement that they signed a Letter of Intent to purchase the Wild Horse Wind Power Project. Jim Luce, EFSEC’s Chair urged Zilkha and the County to resolve as many issues as possible prior to holding hearings on the Wild Horse Wind project early next year. “Suspending the Kittitas Valley Wind project allows EFSEC to concentrate on the Wild Horse Wind project,” Luce said. “I am encouraged to see the applicant and local government working together, and I am optimistic that this spirit of cooperation will be shared by others who seek to resolve wind project issues at proposed wind project sites throughout Kittitas County.” EFSEC is an independent state board responsible for reviewing applications for major energy facilities in Washington State. It is comprised of a Governor appointed Chair and representatives from five state agencies. For each individual project a representative from local government augment EFSEC’s membership for review of that project. Under state law, after a thorough project review EFSEC makes a recommendation to the Governor who will ultimately approve or deny the project. Information regarding EFSEC and the Kittitas Valley and Wild Horse Wind Power Projects can be found at either of the following links.
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