Wind Information Sentinel Makes Triton System Part of Its Toolkit

Wind Information Sentinel (WISE), a global independent wind data management firm, has adopted Second Wind’s advanced sodar system, Triton, for use in its wind resource assessment projects.

Designed and manufactured by Second Wind, the Triton allows wind developers to capture accurate wind data at up to 200 meters in real-time, the company said. WISE’s data management team, created in 2006, manages data from eight countries in four continents.

“Accurate wind data is the cornerstone of the successful development of a wind project. We see the Triton as filling a gap in the wind resource data that our clients need. You can use the Triton to measure above hub height, and the ability to move the Triton around reduces modelling uncertainties,” said Ian Lloyd-Besson, WISE’s CEO.
Lloyd-Besson said that he has already been involved in 10 projects using the Triton, and has plans in place to work on many more assessments using the Triton in 2009 and into the future.

Sodar stands for “sound detection and ranging” and is similar to the sonar technology used by submarines and ships. Sodar sends an audible “chirp” up through the air, and wind turbulence sends a portion of the sound back toward the ground. By precisely measuring the frequency and time delay of the chirp’s echo, the sodar device measures the wind speed and direction at various heights.

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