Wind Forecasting Innovation

3TIER Environmental Forecast Group Inc. and PacifiCorp Power Marketing, Inc. (PPM) today announced an innovative partnership to use state-of-the-art computer models and weather prediction strategies tailored to forecast wind at the Stateline Wind Energy Center.

PORTLAND, Oregon – April 26, 2002 [] PPM markets the entire output of the 263 MW wind project on the Washington-Oregon border. “Through recent technological advances, we’re much better able to forecast wind accurately than anybody thought,” said Ken Westrick, 3TIER’s CEO. “3TIER’s modeling systems and strategies allow us to provide environmental forecasts that can extend from the present to several months into the future. Our tools are designed especially for the west and the weather conditions unique to this region.” “Our customers want renewable power that is as affordable as any other resource,” said Terry Hudgens, PPM’s CEO. “Our relationship with 3TIER, along with PPM’s ability to fill in the gaps when the wind isn’t blowing, allows PPM to manage this resource to deliver highly dependable wind power to our customers. These techniques will be an integral part of our activities going forward and allow us to stay at the forefront of cost-competitive wind power.” PPM has signed the biggest public utility wind power contract to date in the United States – a 20-year supply deal with Seattle City Light, the municipal utility for Seattle. Seattle City Light started buying 50 MW of power in January 2002, doubling to 100 MW in August 2002, then 150 MW in January 2004 and, potentially, to 175 MW in August 2004. PPM also supplies 90 MW of energy over the next 25 years to the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) in the federal power agency’s largest ever Renewable Energy purchase.
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