WES Expands Into Turbine Repair

An important area of the booming wind power industry is in repair as many older turbines that have been in service for more than two decades are beginning to wear out. Reflecting this progression, Wind Energy Services Company (WES) has moved into the fiberglass reinforced plastic service and repair fields operations at its Independence, Kansas and Sweetwater, Texas facilities and has started operations at a new facility in Worthington, Minnesota.

WES’s new 5,000 square foot facility is approximately 45 minutes from Sioux Falls and near the corner of Northwestern Iowa and South Dakota. With the addition of the Worthington operation, WES now employs more than 100 trained and certified composite wind repair technicians who conduct approximately 90% of repairs onsite.

According to AWEA’s annual wind energy industry rankings report, Minnesota is the third-largest wind energy producer in America; generating over 7% of their electricity from wind with 1,754 MW.   
In addition to Minnesota, WES’s close proximity to second ranking Iowa (2,791 MW) positions it to fulfill the ensuing demand for responsive on-site wind energy composite engineering expertise— assessing and repairing on-tower damages running the gamut of blades, nacelles, spinners and associated structural and surface components.

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