Wind Could Power All European Homes by 2020

March 10, 2004 [] “Sea Wind Europe,” a new report commissioned by the environmental group Greenpeace from international energy consultants Garrad Hassan, concludes that almost a third of Europe’s total electricity demand could be met solely from clean, renewable offshore wind power by 2020. That’s enough to supply electricity to every single one of the 150 million households in the European Union (EU). In the process, the report adds: Up to 3 million jobs would be created; a market for European industry worth hundreds of millions of Euros would be created; declining industries and many deprived industrial regions would stand to benefit the most, with the manufacturing, steel and offshore engineering sectors heading the list; the electricity produced would be cheaper than nuclear power and coal. Based on the report, Greenpeace said, it is calling for European Union Member States to commit to setting a renewable energy target of at least 20% for 2020 at the International Conference for Renewable Energies, slated for June in Bonn, Germany.
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