Wind Blade Manufacturer Closes Plant

LM Glasfiber is planning to close down one of its five blade-manufacturing facilities in Denmark. The facility at Hårup in Jutland, which employs about 70 people, manufactures small blades of up to 26 meters for use in wind turbines with a rated capacity of up to 1 MW.

Jutland, Denmark – March 7, 2003 [] As expected, demand is moving away from small blades and towards large blades. Thus, demand for small blades in markets in northern Europe declined by 50 percent from 2001 to 2002, while rising by 70 percent over the same period for large blades for wind turbines of 1.5 MW and higher. The size of the facility and the equipment available render it impossible to restructure the plant to manufacture the large blades manufactured at our Engesvang, Lunderskov and Hammelev plants and our facilities abroad. Their negotiations with the trade unions are expected to lead to the closure of the Hårup plant within the next month. The trend toward ever-larger wind turbines and blades is expected to continue in the years ahead. In 2002, LM Glasfiber introduced its largest-ever mass-produced blade of 44.8 meters, and the next generation of 54 meter blades will be launched on the market in 2003. The company is developing a 61.5 meter blade.
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