Why Build a New Tower? WindPole Adds More Sites

When WindPole Ventures was founded, the original plan was to develop projects on or near the 1,200 microwave towers across the U.S. When project development became more difficult, the company turned to data acquisition.

Today, WindPole Ventures has the rights to put equipment on towers from Maine to Kansas, with a large number in the Midwest. The towers range from 80 meters to 150 meters. By installing devices on these existing structures WindPole speeds up the process of data collection and avoids social friction issues associated with new structures. The company claims that it can provide data at half the cost of developing a traditional met tower.

The company announced this week that it has added 1,535 new towers to its portfolio. That brings WindPole’s portfolio to 7,000 towers.

WindPole installs redundant instruments at 40/60/80 meters and higher, maintains the sensors and provides high resolution data delivered either once a month or every five minutes.

“Like the real estate business, WindPole’s value to developers is ‘location, location, location’, said Co-Founder and CEO Steve Kropper. “We estimate that our towers now cover 85% of the current and planned wind assets in the nation.”

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