Where Does Wind Power Come From?

One thing that we haven’t written about extensively on the MyEnergySolution.com blog is wind power.  Wind power is an interesting renewable energy source as wind turbines can essentially be placed anywhere geographically where there is ample wind to turn the wind blades.  While there are smaller home wind power systems, the most powerful and efficient turbines are the large scale wind towers that you see in rural areas. These wind towers can produce anywhere between 250 watts to 5 megawatts per hour (MWh). To put this in context, an average U.S. household uses about 10 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity each year. One megawatt of installed wind energy from a single large turbine can generate from 2,400 to more than 3,000 MWh annually – enough to power about 250 homes.

Some object to wind power as they feel that wind towers dotting the landscape are eyesores but for many homes, farms and businesses that live in rural locations, wind power is not only an excellent option but it is the only option for power.  But there can be no doubt that wind power is clean and totally renewable…I don’t any of us expect that the Earth will run out of wind any time soon.  Anyway, below is an interesting video examining exactly how these enormous wind towers work from the inside out.  It’s a fun and revealing look into a growing renewable energy resource.

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