Western Wind Energy To Build 100 MW Wind Park in California

Western Wind Energy has been given the opportunity to acquire a 100 percent interest in the development, operation and ownership of a 100 MW wind park expansion located in Tehachapi, California.

VANCOUVER, British Colombia 2002-02-25 [SolarAccess.com] The owners of a wind park close to the proposed site approached Western Wind Energy about the opportunity. That group has operated a commercially successful wind park in Tehachapi for the past 21 years. Western Wind Energy is in the process of acquiring the land, which could cost US$780,000 plus US$1 million in pre-development expenses. The construction of the wind park will cost approximately US$85 million. Tehachapi is approximately 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles and Tehachapi Pass is the world’s oldest and largest aggregated wind park with over 4,500 wind turbines generating nearly 700 megawatts of electric capacity. Total yearly production is approximately 2.1 billion kilowatt hours of electrical generation having a wholesale value of close to US$200 million per year.


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