Vitasti to Build Wind Energy Facility in China

Vitasti, Inc.’s current acquisition, Welwind Energy International, completed a land lease agreement to build a 50-megawatt (MW) wind farm in Zhanjiang, China in the first phase of a total 600 MW.

Construction will begin with the arrival of a demonstration wind turbine due in August. It is expected the project will produce enough electricity to power more than 1000 homes. “The land lease was issued to Welwind on May 19, 2006 by the City’s Oceans and Fishery Department permitting the company to build wind energy facilities on the south beach of China,” said Shannon de Delley, Vitasti Director. The company looks forward to assuring the community that farming activities can continue uninterrupted while Welwind installs the city’s first wind turbine. Zhanjiang has a population of more than seven million people and plays an important role in the province’s foreign trade. It has the longest coastline in South China, which is more than 1500 kilometers long. Zhanjiang has one of the ten largest ports in China and governs the main passageway to the South China Sea. Welwind is conducting wind exploration on other sites with the intention to build more than 1000 MW of wind-generated electricity as part of its commitment to developing wind farms in China.
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