Vietnam’s 100,000 Roofs Program Proposed

Gistel, Belgium [] A paper strategizing how to put Vietnam on the global map of solar and wind energy by 2010 with an initial financial outlay of Euro 450,000 [US$ 611,400] is being presented at the 7th Asian Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production (APRSCP), April 25-27, in Hanoi, Vietnam. A Belgian UBI lecturer in Environmental Economics will present the paper suggesting a combination of low-tech renewable energy systems with a deployment strategy through the setting up of Solar Energy Training Centers (SoleTrains), a push strategy into the Vietnamese market. The suggested program would help to disseminate solar and wind energy applications throughout Vietnam; become an important component of climate change mitigation efforts, by avoiding 50 million tons of CO2e per year; decouple economic growth from environmental degradation; provide considerable economic impetus; and alleviate production and transmission pressure on the Vietnamese rural power grid.
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