Vestas Installs Large Wind Turbines in Czech Republic

Vestas Central Europe began the installation of two V90-2.0 MW turbines in the Czech Republic in mid-July, said to be the largest wind turbine generators in terms of hub height (105 m) and megawatt in the Czech Republic, where the legal framework allows continuous market growth.

The ceremony attracted many of the country’s top representatives and people from nearby villages attended the installation of the turbines, which was broadcast by the largest Czech broadcasting stations. The installation, by developer KV Venti s.r.o. for wind park owner APB Plzen, is evidence of the high positive awareness toward wind energy in the Czech Republic. Since August 2005, there has been a very clear and positive state of law regarding feed-in tariffs for wind power in the country, which improves the investment climate for wind power — plans for wind park projects have been under development in the Czech Republic for several years. In 2005, Vestas Central Europe installed several V52-850 kW turbines in Brezany and Petrovice. “Vestas is very satisfied with the current development in the Czech Republic and is expecting to realize a couple of other projects in the country within the next half year,” said Hans Joern Rieks, President of Vestas Central Europe A/S. “I am convinced that the Czech Republic will evolve to be one of the most important markets for Vestas Central Europe in the future.” Developer David Jozefy, president of KV Venti s.r.o, shares this view: “I am very proud that we have been able to install the largest turbines in the Czech Republic. Especially, because we have found a partner like Vestas, who provides the latest and most reliable technology. Now, with the V90-2.0 MW turbine we have reached a milestone and there is more to follow.”
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