Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Is Self-Starting and Self-Regulating

The newly released fixed 3-blade Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) from PacWind, the Delta I, is a proprietary, self-starting and self-regulating foil shape that captures very low winds allowing the Delta I to start itself. It also acts as a governor in high wind speeds, so that the turbine maintains peak power output without over spinning.

The design also allows the turbine to transfer from drag mode to nearly pure lift mode, resulting in a quick fourfold surge in power output in winds of 4-5 meters per second. The Delta I also uses the patented PacWind 3.4 kilowatt (kW) Permanent Magnet Generator, built with the most powerful rare earth magnets in the industry. The compact design of the Delta I (48 in. high by 79 in. wide) allows installation nearly anywhere, and it’s built to withstand extreme weather conditions (-40 to 120 F; 100+ mph winds). “With our current environmental and energy crisis, such that they are, there is a critical need for new technologies in wind power that are affordable, dependable, efficient, silent, and safe. The time has come for a product line such as this,” said Ken Johnson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for PacWind. The recent release of PacWind’s proprietary Delta I VAWT is to be followed shortly by the larger Delta II VAWT as well as the PowerTower self-sustaining lighting/security systems. The products are designed for both residential and commercial sectors.
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