Vermont Wind Company Looks to the UK

A Vermont-based wind power company is looking towards the UK for upcoming development projects. While the US wind power industry is facing market uncertainties due to an expired tax credit, the atmosphere in the UK is much more promising.

Rutland, Vermont – February 23, 2004 [] Catamount Energy Corp. and Statkraft SF entered into a joint development agreement covering their wind energy development efforts in the United Kingdom. Catamount and Statkraft will jointly fund the development activities of Force 9 in the UK. David Butterworth formed force 9, which is a wind energy development company, in 2002. “Force 9 has established a solid pipeline of development projects scheduled to start closing in 2005,” said Joseph Cofelice, Catamount’s president. “Statkraft provides Catamount with a major European-based utility as a partner in this effort and provides Force 9 with broader and deeper resources than Catamount could provide on its own. This deal significantly enhances our ability to grow our UK wind portfolio over the next several years.” “Statkraft’s vision is to be a European leader in environmentally friendly energy. Accordingly, Statkraft has established a strategy for expanding its wind business in the UK,” said Haakon Alfstad. “This cooperation agreement takes us a lot closer to reaching our aims for the UK market.” “Working with Catamount Energy since 2002 has enabled us to secure a growing portfolio of solid wind power projects in the UK,” said David Butterworth. “Statkraft’s participation in the joint venture and the additional skills they will bring will allow us to build on that start.” Catamount, the non-regulated subsidiary of Central Vermont Public Service Corp. (NYSE: CV), has been in the business of providing clean, cost-competitive electricity in the U.S. and Europe for over 15 years. Catamount is a developer, owner, and operator of wind energy projects.
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