Venturing on Solar Cells was really not wise

?Solar power panels consist of solar cells.You won’t feel surprised when hearing some one venturing on gold,but how about venturing on solar cells?

?Two years ago,the market for solar power panels was very huge,so as the solar cells.Many people in solar products linesknew about it.The business of solar cells factories was very prosperous.”You can not get it even you have money,” someone remembered.All factories had no worries about less business,some purchasers even stayed at the office of solar cells factories so as to get the products.”The future looks bright”,someone thought.So,some solar panel manufacturers bought and stored a large quantity of solarcells at a higher price.

?Two years after that,everything is changing.The market is not so good as expected,but declined a lot.Thus,the demand for solar power panels is just like a blast of wind,sometime goes up and sometimes goes down.But anyway,the future of this products looks bright.

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