Utility Commits to Wind Power for Headquarters

PECO Energy announced that the company plans to purchase 2,582 MWh of wind power per year for the next three years, and use the purchase to supply 10 percent of the energy needs for the company’s headquarters in Philadelphia, which houses more than 1000 employees.

PECO’s headquarters uses 2,150,000 kWh of electricity a month. Aqua America and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) also invested in wind power purchases through PECO’s wind energy option, with Aqua America powering 100 percent of their headquarters and two other administrative buildings, and GSK powering 10 percent of their headquarters. Combined, these three purchases alone have the same environmental benefit as planting 430,000 trees or not driving 5.5 million miles. “PECO and the entire Exelon family of companies are committed to preserving the environment for generations to come,” said PECO Energy president Denis O’Brien. “I am a father, and I want to leave this world in the same condition, if not better, for my children, and someday hopefully my grandchildren and great grandchildren.” More than 11,000 customers have joined the PECO Wind purchasing option, which could be compared to planting about 2.2 million trees. The first wind energy product offered by a utility in Pennsylvania, PECO Wind is available to residential and business customers in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia and York counties. It is supplied by a new, state-of-the-art wind power facility in Waymart, Pennsylvania near the Poconos. The program is offered to residential customers in 100 kWh blocks for an additional monthly fee of about $2.50 per block, and the fee is added directly to customers’ monthly bill.

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