USW, Gamesa Ratify First Contract

New United Steelworkers (USW) members at Gamesa in Ebensburg and Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, have voted to approve their first contract by an 80% vote in favor. The three-year agreement lays the foundation for a strong USW-Gamesa partnership, as well as significant pay raises, bonuses, and benefit improvements.

“Gamesa is the only major wind turbine manufacturer that produces its blades, nacelles and towers in the United States,” said Tom Conway, USW International Vice President. “Our Union is proud to partner with Gamesa to further grow their domestic manufacturing base and promote wind energy as a source of clean, renewable energy and good jobs.”

Gamesa’s investment in creating manufacturing jobs in Pennsylvania was made possible by tax incentives and the adoption of a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) for the state urged by Governor Rendell, Environmental Secretary Kathleen McGinty, Pennsylvania’s State Legislature, the Apollo Alliance, and the USW.

“Gamesa’s wind turbines will not only provide clean, renewable energy,” said USW International President Leo W. Gerard, “but will also move us further down the road to energy independence and toward securing our environment for our kids.”

In addition to its new partnership with Gamesa, the USW has been a founding member of two other important alliances advocating for good jobs and a clean environment: the Blue-Green Alliance, founded with the Sierra Club, and the Apollo Alliance, a coalition of labor, environmental, business, and social justice organizations.

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