Used Windfarm Fails to Sell on Internet Auction

A U.S. utility has failed to sell five used wind turbines on the eBay auction site.

MARSHALL, Minnesota, US, 2001-09-13 [] The five 120 kW turbines were installed in May 1992 in Marshall, Minnesota, by Wind World A/S, as a demonstration project. A loan from the local economic development authority provided funding on the condition that the facility be built on a five-acre farm within city limits, and the 900,000 kWh of annual output is sold to Marshall Municipal Utilities. Northern Alternative Energy of Minneapolis purchased the windfarm in September 1995, and has decided to decommission the turbines and sell the towers, nacelles, rotors, controllers and transformers. The package was listed on the eBay auction site on August 24 for at least US$15,000, but there only one bid by close of auction one week later. A successful buyer would have been responsible for transporting the turbines away from the site, and the listing said the units would be sold only to a U.S. buyer. The height of the turbine hub is 46 m with a 44 m rotor diameter. The units were installed in a straight line array, distanced by five rotor diameters. NAE owns and operates a number of windfarms, which it says have generated 185 million kilowatt-hours of wind energy as of this summer.
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