UK to Become Offshore Renewables Powerhouse

The UK’s British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) welcomes the findings of the Department of Trade and Industry’s Renewables Innovation Review that urge the prioritization of the continued expansion of onshore and offshore wind energy and pave the way for the creation of a new wave and tidal industry for the UK.

London, UK – March 2, 2004 [] The review clearly indicates that wind energy will be the key renewable electricity generator from now until 2020 and that the emerging marine technologies offer enormous potential to generate significant amounts of electricity at a reasonable cost as well as the chance to create a world leading industry in the process, said the wind organization. BWEA said the review correctly identifies that removal of institutional barriers to wind energy developments onshore and offshore will be of critical importance to ensure the UK’s 10% renewables target is met. Last week BWEA released figures showing that 22 new wind energy projects are to be built this year, totaling some 470 MW of additional capacity – almost five times the amount installed last year. By the end of 2005 BWEA predicts that well over 1,600 MW of wind power will be installed, generating enough power for a million homes. “This is a critical review and the results for wind, wave and tidal certainly look encouraging,” Marcus Rand, BWEA Chief Executive said. “It has confirmed wind energy’s key role to 2020 and has recognized the Government’s need to do more to remove institutional barriers to full-scale deployment onshore. It has also recognized that action will be required to help underpin the economics of the larger Round 2 offshore wind projects. The scheduled review of the Renewables Obligation offers a key opportunity for action. The review has also sent a positive and powerful signal to the emerging marine sector that significant and consistent long-term Government support will be forthcoming. This is welcome news and clear recognition that if Britain really wants to reap the benefits from developing world class renewable industries then we need to be in it for the long-term and the positive words of this review need to be backed with consistent political commitment, funding and action. This review could prove pivotal as the one that does really trigger the actions that transforms the UK into an offshore renewable powerhouse.”
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