UK Emissions Drop as Wind Power Increases

[] The United Kingdom’s emissions are now 14 percent below 1990 levels while wind energy is being adopted in ever increasing quantities. Despite the significant drop in emissions, the UK economy is booming, with a growth rate of 36 percent between 1990 and 2002. The UK is aiming to achieve a 15.4 percent contribution from renewable energy sources to the UK’s electricity needs by 2015, on a path to the aspiration of a 20 per cent contribution by 2020. Speaking at the 10th anniversary of His Royal Highness’ Business and the Environment Programme, British Prime Minister Tony Blair said that the UK’s renewable obligations have provided a major stimulus for the development of renewable energy in the region. “In the short term, wind energy – in future increasingly offshore – is expected to the primary source of smart, renewable power,” he said.


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