U.S. Supplier Celebrates Anniversary of Green Power

More than 70,000 people have visited one of the largest windfarms in the eastern United States since it was installed one year ago.

GARRETT, Pennsylvania, US, 2001-06-12 [SolarAccess.com] The Green Mountain Wind Farm in Garrett is a 10.4 megawatt facility that generates electricity for 2,000 homes in Pennsylvania. The windfarm is located on private farmland that was once used for coal strip mining. The eight turbines were installed last year when the state power market was deregulated. It is the first utility scale windfarm in the state. To celebrate the first anniversary, Green Mountain Energy Company hosted a reception and tour of the site last Friday, starting with a delegation of 70 national and international wind power experts from the conference of the American Wind Energy Association, followed by a group of high school students from New Jersey who used their prize money from an essay contest to pay for their trip. “The winds of change are blowing through Pennsylvania’s electricity industry,” says GMEC president Clifton Payne. “It’s a change in the way power is made and used.” The success of the windfarm has attracted attention and spurred development of additional wind projects in Pennsylvania. It attracts 70,000 visitors each year and a permanent welcome center has been erected to provide a vantage point for viewing the turbines. The facility is owned and operated by National Wind Power of England. The turbines, towers and blades were manufactured by Nordex of Denmark. GMEC claims to be the largest provider of electricity generated from wind, solar, water, geothermal and biomass in the United States, marketed under its Green Mountain Energy(SM) brand. It says it has half a million customers in California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. In addition to building the windfarm in Garrett, GMEC is responsible for one of the largest solar facilities in northern California. The Texas firm also sells natural gas.


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