U.S. Solar Dealers Offered Certification for Installation of Xantrex Equipment

Xantrex has launched a new program to certify its dealers.

ARLINGTON, Washington, US, 2001-06-26 [SolarAccess.com] Xantrex’s Trace Engineering, a manufacturer of power conditioning equipment for the renewable energy industry, has launched a new program to certify its dealers. It developed the program to improve the level of service for residential homeowners and businesses that purchase renewable energy systems. To qualify, dealers must meet a series of requirements that ensure technical proficiency, including extensive design and installation experience and successful completion of a rigorous competency examination. “Purchasing a renewable energy system from one of our Trace(tm) Certified Dealers will ensure quality system design installation, and service,” explains Pagan Mackay of Xantrex. “Our goal with this program is to provide the best support infrastructure possible for our products.” “With certification, Xantrex dealers will be offered special training incentives, advertising materials and technical support,” she adds, and will participate in the development and testing of new products. Xantrex is a private company that is known for its inverters that convert DC power from PV panels and wind turbines, into AC electricity. It has $115 million in revenue and employs 700 people with headquarters in Vancouver, B.C. It has facilities in Arlington, Washington and Livermore, California.
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