U.S., German Partnership for 46 MW Wind Farm

[RenewableEnergyAccess.com] Wysak Petroleum is planning to develop a 46 MW Wind Farm project near Radzejow, Poland. All necessary licenses and permits have been agreed to, and final preparations for the construction permit are in place. As a result of this significantly larger and more promising project, Wysak said they would not be pursuing a previously announced 22 MW development project originally under consideration. With a name like Wysak Petroleum, the company is clearly in the business of developing traditional fossil fuel projects, but is also keen on pursuing more renewable energy projects as well. Co-developer Projekt GmbH, of Germany, anticipates approximately 125 GWh/year in electricity from the Radzejow Project. It is estimated that this is enough electricity to power over 15,000 homes per year. Projekt GmbH currently oversees the operation of 14 established wind farms and are developing an additional 17 wind projects in Germany, Denmark, Poland, and Turkey
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