Two Maine Ski Resorts Buy 100% Wind Power Certificates

Sugarloaf/USA and Sunday River, two of the largest ski resorts in Maine, have jointly chosen to offset 100 percent of their resort operations’ electricity usage with energy generated from wind.

The two resorts are purchasing 30 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from Constellation NewEnergy to achieve this goal. Under the new plan, electricity generated from wind will be used to offset power use at all resort base lodges, offices, ski lifts, energy-intensive snowmaking operations and three hotel and conference centers. A Green-e certified REC entitles the owner to one megawatt hour (1 MWh) of power produced by a green power generator, and has the environmental impact of indirectly reducing the emissions associated with 1 MWh of electricity produced by a fossil fuel generator. This purchase of wind energy qualifies Sugarloaf and Sunday River to the EPA’s Green Power Leadership Club and supports continuing development of renewable energy sources nationwide. “The State of Maine is committed to increasing energy independence and supporting the development of renewable energy,” said Governor John Baldacci. “This initiative recognizes that climate change stands to impact Maine’s ski industry. I am pleased that the two largest ski areas in the state are taking a key role in supporting the use of renewable energy, and by doing so, benefiting all Maine people.” “It’s the responsible thing to do, and we are a great venue to showcase the viability of using renewable energy to large audiences,” said John Diller, Managing Director of Sugarloaf. “Our use of wind power … will help to support the development of renewable energy nationwide, while showing our guests and staff that we can all contribute to this global effort.”
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