Twenty Year Contract Signed for Wind Energy

One of the larger utilities in the United States will purchase wind energy under a 20 year contact.

PORTLAND, Oregon, US, 2001-06-05 [] One of the larger utilities in the United States will purchase wind energy under a 20 year contact. PacifiCorp will purchase the entire output of a new 50 megawatt windfarm to be located near Arlington, Wyoming. The facility is being constructed by SeaWest WindPower Inc. of San Diego, and is anticipated to be online this fall. “The Rock River project makes good on a promise we made at the time of our merger with ScottishPower to bring significant new renewable energy resources on-line for our customers,” says CEO Judi Johansen. “Rock River and other western wind projects will bring new renewable energy into our region’s grid at a time when power supplies are foremost in the minds of consumers.” When PacifiCorp merged with ScottishPower in 1999, it agreed to develop an additional 50 MW of renewable resources. It also agreed to introduce a ‘green resource’ tariff, which PacifiCorp completed with last year’s launch of its Blue Sky voluntary wind energy program. PacifiCorp has also invested in the 300 MW Stateline Wind Project in Washington near the Oregon border, which was announced in February by PacifiCorp Power Marketing, an affiliate of ScottishPower. “We have learned from the current crisis that energy solutions must involve diverse sources and technologies ranging from fossil fuels to wind generation; from energy production to demand-side management and efficiency,” explains Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer. “Efforts like those of PacifiCorp and SeaWest are important in the development of the state’s renewable energy technologies.” The Rock River windfarm will generate electricity for 27,000 homes, and offset 164,000 tons of greenhouse gases each year. “The Rock River project provides a significant expansion to our Wyoming assets, and it reinforces our excellent relationship with PacifiCorp and our commitment to deliver clean, renewable energy to the west,” adds Jan Paulin, president and CEO of SeaWest. “I am pleased to see that wind power is continuing to provide significant benefits to the electric supply industry.” Efforts by PacifiCorp and SeaWest to develop wind energy have received praise from proponents of renewable power and other environmental groups. “The expansion of the Wyoming project not only fulfills a PacifiCorp commitment to invest in renewable energy, it will help provide a clean energy solution to our current energy crisis in the west,” says Rachel Shimshak of the Renewable Northwest Project. RNP promotes wind, solar and geothermal power throughout the Pacific Northwest. Wyoming has one of the most energetic wind regimes in the U.S. and the state has welcomed the wind industry. Over the past three years, SeaWest has developed four utility-scale projects on the Foote Creek Rim, which has become one of the larger wind developments in the country. The addition of the Rock River project will bring the total installed capacity from 85 to 130 MW. The turbines to be installed will be Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MWT units with 1 MW rated capacity. SeaWest and PacifiCorp had used MHI 600 kW turbines for earlier projects in Wyoming. SeaWest has been involved in wind energy for two decades and has completed 450 MW of wind projects in California, plus 250 MW in Wyoming and Europe. PacifiCorp provides energy to 1.5 million customers in six western states. It operates as Pacific Power in Oregon, Wyoming, Washington and California; and as Utah Power in Utah and Idaho.
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