Triple Wind Power Play for Spain

Wind energy potential in the province of Soria, Spain will increase three-fold over the next few years. Endesa has proposed a Euro 45 million (US $58.8 million) project for three wind farms equipped with 59 wind turbine generators and a total installed capacity of 47.2 MW. These farms are expected to generate some 151 GWh per year, a third of the annual electricity consumption of the province of Soria.

The three wind farms, called Estoncala, Jupiter and Saturno, are located in the northern part of Soria. Turbines for the projects were supplied by Gamesa and have a unit capacity of 800 kW each. Annual savings in terms of primary energy imports for the domestic economy are calculated at approximately 13,000 tons of oil equivalent. Regular monitoring of avian mortality has been carried out during construction. Monitoring will continue on a two-week basis for the wind farms and a monthly one for the evacuation line now that the installations are up and running. This project consolidates Endesa Cogeneracion y Renovables’ presence in the province of Soria where it participates in over 190 MW of wind power capacity, and strengthens its commitment to Castilla y Leon, a region where Endesa has pioneered wind power development and where it has been present since the construction of the first wind farm Sierra del Madero in 1997. Construction of this wind power complex is part of Endesa’s strategic plan, which sees bringing on line 2,000 MW of additional capacity from renewable energies over a period of five years.
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