Toronto Wind Turbine Proves Bird Friendly

Toronto Hydro and WindShare’s bird mortality study has revealed that the wind turbine, at Exhibition Place in Toronto, has had no significant impact on local and migrating bird populations. During the study, the operation of the wind turbine resulted in finding two dead birds.

Toronto, Canada – March 16, 2004 [] The Exhibition Place Wind Turbine Bird Monitoring Study was conducted during the spring and fall migration periods of 2003. According to a report for World Wildlife Fund Canada and Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP), 40 million birds fly over Toronto during these migration periods. “Toronto is gifted with a large and diverse population of birds,” said Ed Hale, President of WindShare. “I am pleased that this report demonstrates a high level of comfort and adaptability among the many species of birds living at the wind turbine site.” The study also noted that local birds appear to have adapted easily to the presence of the turbine and simply avoid it. Bird flocks were seen arriving daily to forage on lawns and landed in parking lots soon after dawn and always took a flight path that clearly avoided coming close to the turbine. They flew either east or west until they were north of the turbine before landing. Toronto Hydro and WindShare built the wind turbine to supply a source of green energy for the community and help improve the local air quality. “We’re very excited to confirm our predictions – that the wind turbine would have minimum impact on local and migrating birds,” said Joyce McLean, Director of Environmental Affairs for Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc. “Having the turbine become such an unobtrusive part of the bird environment only further confirms that we installed the turbine for all of the right reasons.” Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc. is a leading Ontario retailer of energy efficient, alternative clean and green energy products and services. A subsidiary of Toronto Hydro Corporation, Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc. focuses its energy efficiency solutions and retrofit service offerings to mid- sized commercial organizations. WindShare is Canada’s first green power community co-operative. Started by the Toronto Renewable Energy Co-operative (TREC), the project has provided an opportunity for citizens to generate green power in the Ontario electricity marketplace.
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