Timberland Buys Into Wind Power

Footwear and outdoor clothing manufacturer Timberland, is the first company in the United States to purchase renewable energy credits from a wind farm in South Dakota.

PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire 2002-02-15 [SolarAccess.com] The Timberland Company will make a donation to allow the non-profit Clean Air – Cool Planet to purchase ‘green tags’ from the family-owned wind farm. The sale of credits will subsidize construction of more wind farms and will ‘retire’ 2,400 tons of carbon dioxide, enough to offset the carbon pollution produced from two years of normal electricity use by Timberland’s 67 retail stores in the U.S. Clean Air – Cool Planet will purchase the Œgreen tags‚ from NativeEnergy, a Vermont company that finances construction of new wind farms through its ‘WindBuilders’ program. “Timberland recognizes that with the success of our retail business comes the responsibility to minimize our environmental impact,” says the company’s Terry Kellogg. “We see this partnership with Clean Air – Cool Planet as a major step toward making The Timberland Company a climate-neutral business.” Generating electricity from the combustion of fossil fuels is the largest industrial source of CO2 emissions in the U.S. New wind farms help to reduce the amount of carbon released from coal-fired power plants. “By supporting new sources of wind power, Timberland is showing how corporate leaders can help stamp out global warming,” explains Adam Markham, executive director of the New England environmental group. “Gridlock over energy and climate policy may intensify in Washington, but our alliance with Timberland and NativeEnergy provides a model for climate action outside the beltway.” “NativeEnergy is committed to providing individuals and businesses with simple, effective and verifiable ways to offset the carbon dioxide emissions associated with their everyday activities – so they can do their part in the fight against global warming and climate change,” adds NativeEnergy president and CEO Tom Boucher.
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