Three Wind Farms for German Utility

Nordex AG, one of the leading producers of wind turbines, has completed three wind farms on a turn-key basis for Sachsen Fonds.

Hamburg, Germany – January 29, 2003 [] In a record time of only four months, the company linked a total of 30 large turbines to the electricity grid at the end of 2002. Sachsen Fonds, a subsidiary of Landesbank Sachsen Girozentrale, has acquired the wind farms from Nordex for a total of EUR 48.5 million (US$ 52.5 million), including long-term technical management and maintenance of the wind farms. Given the new challenges in connection with construction permits and finance for wind farms in Germany, Nordex considers the completion of this project to be a major success. “It testifies to our skills in handling turn-key projects as it demonstrates that we are able to offer our customers far more than a straight turbine builder can,” said Nordex CEO Dietmar Kestner. The largest of the three projects is the Uetze wind farm, located 30 kilometers north-east of Hannover and comprising 21 S70 1.5 MW turbines. Including the construction of access routes, work on the foundations, the transformer and the grid connection, this turn-key project had a total order value of around EUR 35 million (US$ 38 million). Nordex also installed nine turbines of the same model at the Reinsfeld and Hinzert-Pölert wind farms near Trier. These turnkey projects were valued at EUR 13.5 million (US$ 14.5 million). The S70 is one of Nordex’s top sellers in Germany according to Kestner. “With a nominal output of 1.5 megawatts and specially designed for locations with weaker average wind speeds, this turbine promises optimum annual yield,” said Kestner. The mean wind speed at the wind farms is around 6 m/s. In order to harness this potential, Nordex supplied turbines with a tower height of 85 meters, the maximum permitted at the locations in question.
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