The wind Production Tax Credit should not be extended

The Production Tax Credit for wind energy development in the U.S. will expire in less than three months.  The debate over the PTC is an important one because it indicates whether we use science or politics to guide the transition to a sustainable energy environment.  In this blog posting I make the case for letting the wind PTC expire and re-allocating those funds for other uses that I feel provide a better return.

The Wind Production Tax Credit should not be renewed

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Davis started his career working with the Geological Survey of Canada and has spent more than 20 years working in the Oil & Gas Industry in Calgary, Alberta. For a number of years he was the energy policy advisor to the leader of the official opposition in the Alberta Legislature.More recently Davis has been involved in alternative energy research, focused primarily on grid stability and overcoming the problems of variability and dispatchability with renewable sources such as solar and win.

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