The photovoltaic free grid measures will be carried out on November 1st

Faced with the difficult situation of the PV inverter industry encountered in Europe and US, in the last months, the National Energy Board has concentrated published many policies to support the PV and wind power renewable energy.


From November 1st, the National Grid will provide the System Access Solution, grid test and adjust services and all are free. According to the document before, the fee, which is brought by the distributed PV projects connect to the public grid of the system below 10kW and no more than 6 MW total installed capacities of the individual and outlets, will be invested by grid inverter companies.


Meanwhile, Financial Department, National Development and Reform Commission and National Energy Board have published the Notice of additional grant funds for renewable energy tariff subsidies directory (second batch). There are total 26 provinces projects including wind power, solar power, biology and wind-solar on the list.


National Energy Board officials said to the public that the Board has planned to hold a national PV inverter work conference, to study the development of the industry and supporting policies.


New energy projects including wind, solar and PV are all intermittent energy. Their accesses have a certain influence on the voltage of the grid. Consumer satisfaction is always the biggest obstacle. The official said the fee for an access point for PV grid is 420,000 RMB. As a 1MW project, which needs over 10 access points, needs only access fee over RMB 4,000,000.


The Manager of National Grid said that they have obtained major breakthrough in terms of grid construction, grid access, market consumer satisfaction, operation management and the standard setting, which has overall met the need for rapid development of China’s photovoltaic power generation. By the end of September this year, the PV power grid capacity among the operation area is 27.1 million KW, which has a 4.2 times of year-on-year growth. And the power capacity is 2.52 billion kWh, 5.4 times growth. China has become one of the countries with highest growth speed.

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