The Chinese investment of clean energy sequentially grew 92% in the second quarter of 2012

New Energy Finance released the research of investment in pv inverter  clean energy of second quarter. It pointed out that the ten billion U.S. dollars investment showed China has the dominance in solar power and wind power. It is reported that, in the second quarter of 2012, the Chinese investment of clean pv inverter energy area is 183 hundred million U.S. dollars, which increased 92% compared to last quarter. The biggest investment is the PV station which is invested by Shengyu solar and mountain Energy Group that can construct 100MW in the five original counties in Inner Mongolia. It is expected to invest 10 million.


The investment of Europe and the USA will also grow 11% and 18% in the second half year.


Michael Liebreich, CEO of New energy Finance, said, ‘Solar pv inverter  installation project of China grows four times in recent years and has remained the world’s largest market for wind power generation. These figures show China the hub position of clean energy industry. Chinese continued investment in the photovoltaic manufacturing industry is the main reason leading to lower prices. We will wait and observe whether it can create enough demand to absorb the excess capacity.

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